Full care boarding and training is available at Punchestown. We have an excellent facility with 12 x 12 stalls with rubber mats. Each stall has a full screen door looking out the back of the stall for great ventilation and light (and to the delight of all the horses), plus it is equipped with really nice furniture and great Oak Bathroom Cabinets. We have grooming stalls with rubber mats and heat lamps, and a matted wash stall with hot/ cold water. There is also a heated and air conditioned tack room and bathroom.

There are 6 one acre individual paddocks as well as 3 large (5 acres +) fields with run in sheds available for turn out at Punchestown. This makes it easier for us to find the best situation for you and your horse.

Our outdoor ring is probably one of our biggest assets here at Punchestown. It is a 270 x 150 all weather arena with excellent footing that allows us to ride outside a lot of the year.  In addition, we have a 150 x 80 indoor arena.   We spend a lot of time maintaining our rings to keep the footing at its absolute best.   Plus, between the two rings there is plenty of space, so even when lessons are going on, everyone still has lots of room to ride.  Another benefit is that Sarah lives on the property, so there is always someone around keeping an eye on things.


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