Grey Parks

Montana and I recently moved to Knoxville, and today our new trainer called him a packer. I don’t know if I ever told you how his left front lameness turned out after we moved back to Tennessee, but we discovered that fall that he actually had an avulsion fracture of the cannon bone down by his fetlock. He was on stall rest for six months, and in the year and a half since then, I think I might have ridden him 30 times. We’re both pretty rusty at this point, so to hear that kind of praise from our new trainer made me incredibly proud of my old man. I have you two to thank for it. We made more progress in our two years at Punchestown than we had made in the seven years before that. You believed in our abilities, and you taught me to do the same. The amount of confidence that both Montana and I gained from your support has meant the world to me. When I bought him I wasn’t sure that we would ever be able to jump 2’6″ at all. You helped us do that at rated shows and move up briefly to 3′ before he got hurt, which was something I never in my wildest dreams thought that we would do. We may never get back to that level again, but I will always remember that we once did it, and that you got us there. I just wanted to take a minute while I was thinking about it to thank you for everything that you did for us while we were at Punchestown. We both miss you guys and the barn every day, even though we are very happy at our new place here in Knoxville.

Thanks Again,  Grey

Frederica Loghides

We have boarded our horse at Punchestown for nearly a year now, and we have absolutely loved it!  Everyone is very professional, and they take great care of all the horses.  The barn is both small enough to be quaint and personal and large enough to offer all of the amenities of a show barn.  As new horse owners, we have also been very lucky to be able to rely on Sarah  for help and guidance.  Our daughters have learned so much at Punchestown, both in terms of riding and horse care!

Jeanne Gauchat

This is an excellent facility whether you are new to riding or riding the “A” Circuit. Beautiful open and airy barn, great outdoor and indoor arenas, and well mannered horses.   Having just moved here from out of state, it was a great find for me.

Susan Hansel

There are so many stresses in day to day life- not least of which was changing jobs and moving to Lexington from North Carolina.   If it weren’t for the wonderful environment at Punchestown Stable,  I know that in those “what have I done” moments related to making such a big change,  I would have been inclined to pack my bags and head back to NC!  The best part of my week is time spent there with new 2- and 4-legged friends.

Angela Wilson

When I decided to move to Lexington Kentucky my first concern was finding a barn for my horse! About a month before I moved down here I spent a week looking at barns. I had almost lost hope and I was very frustrated that I was moving to Lexington Kentucky, horse capital of the world and I can’t even find a barn I like! The last barn I went to was Punchestown Stable. I needed a barn and a trainer that I felt comfortable with in every aspect.  I immediately knew this was the barn for me. My worries were over!

Sara Powell

My experience out at Punchestown has been nothing but positive.  Riding and showing has never been as fun as it is now.   Everybody at the barn is extremely friendly  and very supportive of each other.  Each time I take a lesson I feel like I’ve learned something new.  Sarah always gives very thorough lessons and takes the time to explain good points and areas that could use improvement, I couldn’t ask for a better instructor.

My biggest goal with getting a new pony was qualifying for pony finals.  It was such a huge goal to set but I was confident Sarah would stop at no costs to help me meet my goal, and sure enough I already qualified.  I couldn’t have done it without all her efforts and am so appreciative.


-Sara Powell-

Laura, Hope, and Stoli

I just wanted to let you know how happy we are with Stoli. He has been a wonderful horse for Hope and she truly adores him. She has ridden him out on short trail rides and we boarded him at an indoor arena over Christmas break so that we could ride more. He has been great in every way.

Lilli and Rhonda Allen

We consider it a privilege to recommend Punchestown Stable to anyone looking for a horse, riding lessons, or a boarding stable. They have been professional, dedicated, and honest in our dealings with them for the past three years. Just saying “Thank You” to them for all they have done for us seems inadequate.

Rhonda has progressed really well under the direction of Sarah. She has become a more competitive and higher ranking rider, and she is more responsible and better at managing her time. I am amazed at times by her abilities to ride a course. I always enjoy going to watch Rhonda take a jumping lesson, and I am impressed with what she has learned.

We are truly grateful to be part of the Punchestown family, and we consider it an honor to voice that opinion.

Susan B. Jones

It will be difficult to keep this short because there are so many wonderful things to say about Punchestown. I have owned, trained and shown horses or worked in the horse industry off and on for thirty years and I have not found anyone with more integrity, experience and knowledge in a show barn than Sarah. I have known Sarah for over 6 years and she runs a quality program every single day. The beautiful barn, jump ring and grounds are always immaculate. Sarah also always has quality horses for cash loans sale and you can absolutely trust what they tell you about the horse. I purchased a pony for my daughter from them and later sold the pony for almost three times what I originally paid.

The lessons learned from Sarah will benefit my daughter throughout her life. I would unconditionally recommend Punchestown Stable without hesitation to anyone interested in buying a horse or seeking training, lessons or boarding. Learn more at

Janet, Larry, and Deana Curran, Nicholasville, Ky

In 2004 I was referred to Punchestown Stable when looking for a lesson program with quality school horses. As a horse owner and lifelong equestrian myself I was seeking a program where my young daughter could receive instruction on school horses that were well trained and willing. I found just the right fit for our family at Punchestown. Punchestown has varying levels of school horses ranging from safe beginner mounts to more advanced school masters. While the importance of a quality mount can not be under estimated, what delighted me more was the quality of instruction Deana received from Sarah, herself. Sarah never fails to positively teach each and every lesson. She coaches with quiet dignity, conveying what needs to be improved on, while praising what was done well. She does not raise her voice as so many other riding instructors do. This has not gone unnoticed by my daughter.

Over the course of the next two years under the guidance of Sarah, our green broken gelding, ridden by our child, learned to jump. The pair has been very successful in the show ring. Due in part to the success we had with our first hunter we sent an unbroken two year old to Sarah to be started. The pony had spent seven weeks at another training barn. The trainer had strongly suggested we sell the pony due to her temperament. At Punchestown, there were no problems with the pony. Sarah started training the pony and on her 59th day of training was ridden in her first show by our daughter and won their class over fences!

As Deana’s experience has grown, we determined that our family would need to purchase a horse whose athletic abilities would take our daughter above and beyond her current riding level. Again we trusted Sarah, this time to find the right horse for us.  I am very happy to report that we have found the perfect new member of our equine family. Deana & Linus already have a championship on their resume from their first show.

Whether looking for a lesson program, horse training, or horse sales, Punchestown Stable is the place we highly recommend, as truly satisfied customers.