Boarding & Training

Effective date Board Costs Description
2016 Full Care Board $700.00/ month Includes group turn out (mares and gelding separated), stall cleaning, hay and feed, feeding supplements supplied by owner, blanketing as needed and scheduling and holding the horse for farm farrier and veterinarian during routine visits. Additional fees may be incurred for the treatment of lameness, giving medication or stall rest.  A commitment to our lesson or training program is required.
2016 Partial Training Board $1200.00/month Includes full care board with two lessons and one training ride per week.
2016 Full Training Board $1500.00/month

Includes full care board.  Full training horses will get up to 5 training rides per week or 2 training rides and customers can take 3 lessons per week on full training horse. Also includes weekly work on the treadmill.